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Merchandise plays a crucial role in strengthening brand identity and promoting customer loyalty. Producing high-quality merchandise has become an essential part of the marketing strategy for many businesses. As a leading merchandise partner, producer, and supplier, JDLsourcing understands the value of custom-made merchandise that meets the expectations of our clients. In this article, we would like to share how we assist our clients in producing excellent merchandise and why we are the best choice for companies seeking reliable merchandise production.

SPA fruit supermarket premium by JDLsourcing

Producing Merchandise – Why It Matters:

Merchandise is more than just a promotional item with a logo. It represents your brand, making it a powerful tool to increase brand awareness and leave a lasting impression on your target audience. Producing high-quality merchandise is, therefore, vital. At JDLsourcing, we understand this importance and are dedicated to producing unique and high-quality merchandise that perfectly aligns with your brand..

JDLsourcing – Your Merchandise supplier:

As a merchandise partner, we work closely with our clients to understand their vision and translate it into tangible products. Our experienced team of professionals guides you throughout the entire process, from concept development to production and delivery. We listen to your needs and provide creative solutions to ensure that your merchandise stands out in the crowd.

Merchandise manufacturer – Our Expertise:

As a leading merchandise producer, we have the expertise and resources to meet a wide range of requirements. Whether you’re looking for printed T-shirts, personalized mugs, custom-made keychains, or something entirely unique, we make it possible. Our state-of-the-art production facilities and extensive network of suppliers enable us to produce merchandise of the highest quality at competitive prices.

Merchandise Supplier – Reliability and Quality:

As a reliable merchandise supplier, we strive to deliver consistency and quality. We only work with certified manufacturers who meet strict quality standards. Our rigorous quality control process ensures that every product meets the highest standards. Additionally, we ensure timely delivery so that you receive your merchandise exactly on time for your events, campaigns, or special occasion.


Producing merchandise has become an essential part of any successful marketing strategy. As a merchandise partner, producer, and supplier, JDLsourcing is ready to assist you in creating exceptional merchandise that represents your brand with excellence.


JDLsourcing is specialized in custom-made production in Europe and Asia. With years of experience and As a production partner, we assist you in taking full advantage of the benefits mentioned and avoiding the drawbacks. JDLsourcing handles the entire production process, allowing you to focus on your core activities.

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Manufacturing in Turkey: What are the benefits and drawbacks of doing business in Turkey?

Turkey is a well-known trading partner of the Netherlands and the European Union. Turkey’s economy is a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern industry. Clothing and textiles are the best performing industries, followed by vegetables and fruits, and iron and steel. Furthermore, it benefits from a strategic geographical location and frequently has lower labor costs than Western countries. However, when doing business in Turkey, you may encounter some disadvantages. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of producing in Turkey, as well as how JDLsourcing can assist you as your production partner in avoiding these drawbacks.

Manufacturing in Turkey

Advantages of manufacturing in Turkey

1. Low production costs and high quality

Turkey is one of the most attractive low-labor-costs countries, even though the wages are higher than in countries such as Pakistan. Yet Turkey is often more promising because there is a good wage-to-productivity ratio. Furthermore, it has strict requirements for working conditions and production quality. This makes it one of the most suitable countries for outsourcing industrial activities.

2. Natural resources

The country is rich in natural resources, Turkey ranks tenth in the world in terms of the diversity of mineral production in the country. Turkey’s natural resources include coal, copper, and gold. It also has a rich source of raw materials such as cotton.

3. Infrastructure and import duties

Turkey has made significant investments in its infrastructure in recent decades. Turkey’s infrastructure is among the best in the world. This allows a reliable and fast distribution line to be set up. Due to the customs union between the EU and Turkey, you do not have to pay import duties on most Turkish products It is critical that the products have an ATR certificate to prove that they are of Turkish origin.

Disadvantages of manufacturing in Turkey

1. Business culture

We expect that sourcing will become increasingly focused on ‘closer to home’ in the future. There are Turkish culture is very different from Western culture. First, in Turkey they have a much stronger hierarchy. During business you can’t just skip a person, in addition, you have to bring someone of the same ‘weight’ with appointments with high-ranking people. These differences can take up a lot of time. Furthermore, it is normal in Turkish culture to bring a business gift to meetings. If you really have an important appointment, they may even assess you not only on function but also, for example, the brand of your suit or car.

2. Culture and language

Most Turks have a limited command of the English language, while the younger generation is learning more and more English, the majority cannot fully communicate in English. In Turkey you also have to take into account a different body language. Eye contact, facial expressions and gestures are all important components of communication. Furthermore, Turks keep less distance between themselves than Dutch people. Furthermore, it is important to respect Islamic customs. Therefore, it is advised to hire a Turkish toll and to work with someone who if familiar with Turkish and Islamic culture.

3. Turkish Lira

We ensure that your productions end up with the right producer. In addition, we help you to make the Despite the fact that the Turkish economy has grown rapidly over the last two decades, the country also is dealing with the effects from the Corona crisis. Turkey is currently experiencing high inflation, and the Lira is losing value. For the time being, this has no significant implications for the European market. This is possible if, for instance, wages in Turkey rise.

manufacturing in Turkey with JDLsourcing


JDLsourcing is specialized in custom-made production in Europe and China. With years of experience and As a production partner, we assist you in taking full advantage of the benefits mentioned and avoiding the drawbacks. JDLsourcing handles the entire production process, allowing you to focus on your core activities.

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Our European network of producers and suppliers has grown even more as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Think mainly of producers in Turkey, Poland, Portugal, and, on rare occasions, the Netherlands. Some orders were unable to be produced in China but can be produced in Europe. Although it is often more expensive than in China, the additional benefits usually make it worthwhile.

The advantage of producing locally / producing in Europe

Reduced footprint (more sustainable)

Faster delivery times (lower inventory and improved cash flows)

Lower transport costs

No price risks

Stimulate the local economy

The disadvantages of producing locally / producing in Europe

Higher purchase prices

Not suitable for all products

Dependence and transport costs

The Corona crisis has made us all aware of how reliant we are on other countries in our production chains. Consider the recent severe shortage of PPE articles (face masks, surgical gowns, and nitrile gloves). Hospitals did not have enough face masks because they could not be delivered quickly enough from China to the Netherlands. Furthermore, since the corona outbreak, there has been a massive container shortage, resulting in large increases in transportation costs. Alternative production locations become more interesting as a result of this.

Our expectations

We expect that sourcing will become increasingly focused on ‘closer to home’ in the future. There are many products that can be manufactured locally. The client / purchaser will have to be prepared to pay a premium for this, and we must play a more active role in emphasizing the advantages of producing locally whenever possible.

We are proud of the progress we have achieved in this area over the past year. We strive to encourage our customers to produce in Europe. Although this is sometimes more expensive than in Asia, the additional benefits are usually well worth it. In terms of products, you should think of:

– GOT (Organic certified) or RPET textile (clothing) + textile accessories (shopping bags etc).

– Custom made ABS/PP products.

– Furniture/interior items.

– CNC steel/stainless steel products

* Products that are not on the list can always be “sourced” without obligation.

How JDLsourcing can help you to produce in Europe

We ensure that your productions end up with the right producer. In addition, we help you to make the right material choices to keep the product as sustainable as possible. We handle the entire process from the time we receive your request/specifications through delivery at the agreed address. Click here for a more detailed explanation of our process.

JDLsourcing is specialized in custom-made production in Europe and China. With years of experience and the right knowledge, we have been able to make many customers happy. JDLsourcing takes care of everything for you.

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Manufacturing in China, the Chinese culture; what important things do you have to keep in mind?

Chinese culture, a completely different culture compared to the western world. A culture with a strong hierarchy, a lot of respect and many other customs. This is a great challenge for many Western companies, but often also a special experience. In this blog we are going to talk about traditions, norms and values ​​that you should not forget when you go to China for a business trip. Using the right practices can be crucial for your future and JDLsourcing will gladly help you as your manufacturing partner when you would like to have your products manufactured in China!

Traditions, norms and values ​​in China

Are you planning to have your products manufactured in China? Then you will have to take into account the traditions, norms and values ​​of Chinese culture. Below we will discuss the traditions, norms and values ​​of Chinese culture and what you can do to make your visit in China as successful as possible.

The meeting and greeting

The Greeting: According to business Chinese etiquette, it is customary to give a nod at the greeting followed by prolonged handshaking or a slight bow. When bending, wait until your business relation bows before you bow yourself. Also don’t forget that respect is very high in Chinese culture so keep the conversation businesslike and don’t joke around. Learning a few Chinese sentences can also be a much-appreciated bonus point. Learning some Chinese sentences also facilitates contact.

Gift and business card: Giving a present is usually not common at the first appointment. However, this is sometimes done and usually a typical Dutch gift is given. And now we come to the business card. The business card is seen as a crucial point and can completely wipe out the entire acquaintance and any business partnership if not done according to the usual business Chinese etiquette. The exchange of business cards has a protocol. The card is presented with both hands with the fingers along the sides of the Chinese inscription at the top. When accepting the business card, you also accept the business card with both hands. Also make sure that you do not immediately put away the business card, but that you study it thoroughly.

Use an interpreter: In case your business associate cannot speak English, you will need to hire a business interpreter. This is usually not too easy and can carry a hefty price tag. It is advisable not to choose a student as an interpreter since students often do not have the business knowledge and experience.

Would you rather outsource this if you would like to have your products manufactured in China? Take a look below at what JDLsourcing can offer you as your manufacturing partner!

Maintain your business relationship

Cozy dining: It is very common to invite your business associate or to be invited by your business associate to have a bite to eat or go to a karaoke bar in the evening. A dinner and / or karaoke bar usually goes on for a very long time. You drink a lot during this so make sure you don’t go on an empty stomach.

When dining, it is common not to talk about business topics. Avoid these topics and keep the mood cozy! Also, holding someone’s gaze or often well-meaning touches such as a pat on the back is generally not appreciated.

A business meeting

If you want to manufacture in China, there will certainly be an occasional business meeting. You will need to be very clear about what you expect from them and what they expect from you. Therefore, also study the Chinese culture and the company with which you would like to enter into a relationship.

A presentation: Before the meeting you will have to give a presentation with a detailed PowerPoint or the like. Make sure this PowerPoint is in black and white unless you are sure it is common. The fact is that in Chinese culture-determined colors can be very sensitive. For example, you never write, but NEVER write a name in red. In the past, names sentenced to death were written down with chicken blood. Nowadays this is done by means of red ink, but it is therefore strongly taken into account in your presentation.

Furthermore, it is very common for the most senior person in your group to speak. This is about hierarchy and the most respect is often given to the oldest person in the company. Also, when making a bow, make sure to bow slightly deeper to the oldest person in the company of your business relationship.

The meaning of the word “no”: Finally, we come to the most difficult and possibly the most confusing part of Chinese culture, the meaning of the word “no”. The Chinese do not like to say no. So, when a Chinese says “yes” or “I’ll think about it”, they may actually say “no”. So, pay close attention to the facial expression they give with the answer. This can be very frustrating, especially if you want to have your products manufactured in China. Of course, it should not be the case that when you have your products manufactured in China, a completely different object comes out. They may have said yes when showing your design, but it can still turn out completely different. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to have interim quality checks carried out on site regularly. Would you like to know more about interim quality controls and how this works? Read more about interim quality controls here!

Would you rather outsource all these confusions and time-consuming activities when you would like to have your products manufactured in China? Take a look below at what JDLsourcing can offer you as your manufacturing partner!

JDLsourcing as your manufacturing partner

All these traditions, norms and values ​​can be very complicated if you want to have your products manufactured in China. The many possible confusions and time-consuming activities involved can create many difficult situations. Fortunately, JDLsourcing is here to take care of all these tasks so that you don’t face difficult situations.

JDLsourcing has local presence in China to ensure that your production runs smoothly. When manufacturing in China, it is very important that your production is closely monitored to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Quality checks are carried out on a regular basis to ensure that everything is going well. This is done by certified third party inspection companies.

In addition to quality controls, it is checked whether the manufacturer has all the necessary certificates and all negotiations are discussed locally in order to draw up the most favorable agreement for you.

JDLsourcing China is producing products in China. With years of experience and the right knowledge, we have been able to produce various products in China. JDLsourcing takes away your purchasing worries. We find the best manufacturer, oversee your production and arrange all logistics, so you don’t have to. Keep your focus on your core business.

Feel free to contact JDLsourcing with your briefing, project, product idea! We are at your service together with our local team in Asia!

Manufacturing in China; what are the advantages and disadvantages of manufacturing in China?

Manufacturing in China, almost anything is possible in this country! China is known for manufacturing almost any product for a competitive price. These competitive prices attract buyers from all over the world, but there are also disadvantages to manufacturing in China. In this blog, we are going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of manufacturing in China and how JDLsourcing can avoid these disadvantages.

Advantages of manufacturing in China

Low manufacturing costs: As mentioned earlier, the low manufacturing costs attract buyers from all over the world. China has larger production capacities, efficient production lines, lower material costs and lower labour costs.

Very high manufacturing capacity: Most factories in China have a very high manufacturing capacity due to the many machines and workers . If you have your products manufactured in China, you will often notice the difference if you compare the manufacturing speed/capacity with a manufacturer in Europe.

More open to custom made production (ODM/OEM): Customizing products in China is very common and there is a good chance that your desired product has already been made in one of the many Chinese factories. Customizations vary from completely own product designs to existing products customized with your logo and/or your chosen pantone color.

Disadvantages of manufacturing in China

Mass manufacturing often of lower quality: When you have your products manufactured in China, this often happens quickly and in very large quantities. Sometimes factories are dealing with a lot of orders and pressure to deliver before a specific deadline/holiday. This sometimes causes workers to make a mistakes, which has major consequences for your production quality. Our local team in China can help to prevent these quality issues. We send third party quality inspectors to the factory to detect premature errors during the production and errors after the production during a pre-shipment check. Do you think this is an interesting subject? Read more here about quality problems in China and how JDLsourcing prevents these problems!

Minimum order quantity for manufacturing in China: When manufacturing in China, you will often be faced by large minimum order quantities.

Finding the best manufacturer for your product is difficult: Finding a good and trustworthy factory in China for your product seem like an impossible job. Sites like Alibaba offer an extremely large number of factories in China, but how can you really determine which one is really a factory or a trading company? You can never be sure without physically visiting the factory. In addition, approaching all these factories can be very time consuming. We can help you to find the best manufacturer for your product. Our local team in China can visit manufacturers to ensure they can really deliver what they promise. Click here if you would like to read more about our factory visits.

Language barrier: A large part of the Chinese population does not speak English. Therefore, it is not uncommon that the contact person of your factory does not speak English. This will make it very hard for you to communicate and discuss your complex production project with them. Miscommunications occur on a daily base because specifications are translated incorrectly or simply misunderstood. Most Chinese manufacturers will not dare to say that they do not understand you. Our local team in China consists of solution focussed team players who are native Chinese speakers and fluent English speakers. They help you to ensure all negotiations, project discussions and updates are communicated smoothly. Did you find this an interesting subject? Then we would like to refer you to our blog “Approaching manufacturers and suppliers in Asia” by clicking here!

Long lead times: Obviously producing your products in China will take a lot longer than having them produced locally. We can offer different transport methods to help you determine which method is most suitable for your targeted deadline.

Manufacturing in China via JDLsourcing;

As you have read above, having your products manufactured in China can be very difficult and time consuming for many companies. In addition to the fact that it can take a lot of time, manufacturing errors can also occur in the worst case when you have your products manufactured in China. As your manufacturing partner, JDLsourcing will help to avoid these errors.

JDLsourcing is the specialist when it comes to having products manufactured in China. With years of experience and the right knowledge, JDLsourcing has been able to make many customers happy with the products that they have manufactured in China. If you need inspiration or are interested in our many projects with other companies, take a look at our projects page here!

Do you have a nice idea and are you eager to make your idea a reality? Then take your chance and contact JDLsourcing! Together with our local team in China, we, as your manufacturing partner, are ready to manufacture in China!

CSR in China: Fair manufacturing in China

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) awareness in China has increased over the years due to buyers demanding better CSR practises at the factories where they place their order. As your production partner in China, we are aware of our impact on CSR and ensuring fair productions. In this blog, we tell you more about CSR in China.

The latest CSR updates in China

CSR has become a trend. Factories who ignore CSR will not survive on the long-term. The Chinese government has recognized this by increasing their CSR related investments and factory audits. In fact, many factories who did not comply with new environment regulations set by the government, where shut down. In order to maintain a competitive position, factories are forced to improve their CSR practices.

Increased CSR awareness

Mainly European and American companies are faced with more regulations and new laws which force them to improve their CSR standards during production. In addition, customers prefer to buy from companies who offer transparency in their supply chain and who put time and effort into creating truly sustainable products. The Netherlands has the OECD guidelines for example, these guidelines make it clear what is expected of all companies that conduct international business. These guidelines provide guidelines for social issues such as corruption, child labor and the environment. Check out the OECD Guidelines here before manufacturing your products in China.

Improvement working and environmental conditions

China’s manufacturing output growth has had an serious impact on the local environment and working conditions. The environment is seriously affected. Especially the air, water and soil quality which negatively impacts the biodiversity. Fortunately, more and more manufacturers and the government are becoming aware of this. The government is continuously taking action. For example, the government is currently trying to create a balance between sustainability and economic growth. In fact, China is now one of the largest investors in green energy and really wants to make a difference for the whole world.

Progress can also be seen in the working conditions. It used to be the case that the protection of workers was accurately noted in national labor law, but that this was nowhere to be seen in practice. Nowadays, the Chinese government is trying to act more stricter in this, knowing that it is not humane, it is bad for the country and it can also have many negative consequences for factories with contracts broken abroad due to poor working conditions.

JDLsourcing and CSR; what do we pay extra attention to?

At JDLsourcing, CSR is of great importance and therefore we try to do as much as we can to optimise our CSR as much as possible. We are a Ecovadis Gold level sourcing company and we only produce in factories with high-standard CSR practices

In addition to international standards such as BSCI & SA8000, we also have our own supplier code of conduct. The Chinese manufacturers we work with are all obliged to sign this code of conduct. With the help of this code of conduct we can exclude matters such as child labor and forced labor.

In addition to our high standards of social compliance, we also have strict requirements for testing and certification before we approve a manufacturer for the manufacturing of your products in Asia. In this way we ensure that your goods comply with EU standards such as CE, RoHS, REACH and so on.

Thanks to our local presence in China, we can verify compliance with our agreements with manufacturers through factory visits and / or factory audits. We discuss these results in a transparent manner with the end customer.

As a partner of MVO Nederland(Dutch CSR organisation),we have access to a network full of CSR enthusiasts who inspire and support us to take the next step. In this way, we can continue to improve our CSR impact & results step by step.

Do you have any questions about our CSR policies? Then we would like to refer you to our contact page.


More and more buyers are producing their products in Asia, which continuously increases the export volume from Asia. Electronics, textiles and lots of other products are imported from Asia every day. Are you planning or thinking to import products from an Asian country into Europe or USA? In that case, you might soon find out that the process is a lot more complicated than you initially thought. In this blog we would like to explain the available transport methods and share some important details to pay attention to when you want to import products from Asia. In addition, we explain how JDLsourcing assists you during the logistics process. Let’s start off by discussing available transport methods:

Courier delivery/parcel post

When you choose to import smaller amounts from Asia, the best method will be by courier delivery/parcel post through, for example DHL, UPS or FedEx. The prices of these services are based on weight and size. The lead time is usually 5-7 days, but this depends on your supplier. The big advantage of courier delivery/parcel costs is the speed and ease. The disadvantage is that it is by far the most expensive shipping method. For shipments with large volume or weights higher than 80-100 KG it is already recommended to check air freight tariffs. Please make note of the fact that when the goods arrive in your country, they have to be cleared and possibly import fees have to be paid depending on the total value of your shipment and product type.


If you use air freight to import from Asia, the price will be calculated based on the weight of your shipment. Sea freight costs are calculate based on volume. So, for example: if you have a shipment of 500kg and 3 cubic meters, then it’s pretty safe to say that air freight will be 10-15 x more expensive than sea freight. The big advantage of air freight however is that it’s a lot faster than seafreight. The door-to-door lead time from China to the Netherlands is about 10 days on average.


Seafreight is an interesting option to consider starting from shipments with a volume of 1 CBM (150-170 kg). The door-to-door lead time from China to the Netherlands is around 35-40 days. Sea freight shipments can be booked for LCL (less than container load) and FCL (full container load). We always help our customer to find the most efficient and cost-effective shipping route to ensure that you are not overpaying for your shipping. Our good contacts with freight forwarders and shipping companies help to ensure that your goods will be delivered safe & fast.

importing from Asia

Rail transport

Rail transport is becoming an increasingly important and a competitive transportation mode from East to West. The door-to-door lead time for rail transport from China to the Netherlands is around 14-18 days. the biggest advantages are faster lead times, more competitive transport costs compared to air freight and it is better for the environment. Most companies still prefer sea freight because the higher cost advantages, but the demand for rail transport is on the rise. Especially for companies who import high value goods in large quantities. The shorter transport times and higher rotations help them to decrease their inventory levels which leads to increased working capital (better cashflows) and lower inventory costs. Recent developments made it possible to also send LCL shipments through rail transport. You can read more about the benefits of rail transport here: https://www.sino-shipping.com/rail-freight-china/ As you might have heard, the Chinese government has been investing large amounts of money to re-open to silk route to achieve better logistical connections. You can read more about this project here: https://www.bloomberg.com/quicktake/china-s-silk-road

An estimated cost difference comparison of different transport methods made by DSV

Things you need to pay attention to

It can be tempting to let your Asian manufacturer arrange the logistics/transport to the Netherlands. The only problem is that their quoted costs often don’t include the local costs and charges that you will face once the shipment arrives in the Netherlands. These unforeseen costs are higher than the costs of arranging the transport by yourself. We always recommend purchasing your products based on FOB (sea freight) or EXW (air freight) terms. If you however insist on your manufacturer to arrange the transport, and you want to avoid any unforeseen costs, than we recommend asking for an all-in price (DDP price).

Next, it is important to realise that most freight agents or manufacturers will give you transit times based on ETA at your nearest port. A lot of people don’t take into account that it takes extra days (weeks if you are unlucky) to get to goods from the port to your office/warehouse. This is caused by custom checks, clearances and unloading processes.

In addition, it is important to know that all goods that are imported outside of the EU have the be declared at customs first. This means, that you will have to pay import duties when you are importing from Asia. They will also charge VAT charges based on your country’s VAT %. Please keep in mind that custom clearance is a complicated proces. It is recommended to consult a freight agent or experienced company to help you out with preparing the right documentations to ensure your customs clearance will run smoothly and that you will not face unexpected high import duties or fines.

Import from Asia with JDLsourcing: 

As you can see, importing from Asia can be quite complex and involves a lot of unexpected costs and time. It is therefore highly recommended to have a specialist that helps you import your products from Asia. Not only can you save costs and time, but you can also focus more on your main activities.

JDLsourcing makes manufacturing and importing from Asia easier and less time consuming. We always try to search for the most efficient and economical way, so that you don’t have to pay unnecessarily fees or any other unexpected payments for transport. With our good contacts with shipping companies and customs agents, your goods can be delivered quickly and safely.

In addition to that, JDLsourcing is the specialist when it comes to manufacturing in China. With years of experience and the right knowledge and mindset, JDLsourcing has been able to make many customers happy with the manufactured products from China. JDLsourcing will take your worries away for the entire purchasing process. Things like looking for a supplier, having the products produced and the complete logistics with the necessary controls. For more information about producing in China, please visit our ‘manufacturing in China’ blog. 

contact us now to challenge us with your briefing, project, inquiry.

Manufacturing in China

China, the country where everything is possible when it comes to manufacturing. A lot of people currently know that China is a very interesting country to outsource your production to. However, a lot of people do not know where to start when outsourcing their production to China. Where do you begin? In this blog we are going to tell you something about the Chinese manufacturing history and what JDLsourcing has to offer when it comes to manufacturing products in China.

A look at the Chinese manufacture history

Up until 1949, the Chinese industry was mainly located in the large East-Coast cities and the North-East of China. Shanghai was the largest industrial centre followed by other cities such as Anshan and Fushun from the same province.

In the 1950s, the industrial centre in the East and North-East of China accounted for one-third of the total industrial production of China. However, after 1983 this changed when industrial centres in the North, South and South-West increased their share in the total production to at least 40 percent. Before this, the Chinese industry was mainly focused on the heavy industry, but the economic reform program in 1979 resulted in a massive increase in consumer goods production such as televisions, washing machines and bicycles.

Due to these evolutions in the Chinese industry, different provinces in China started to specialize themselves in manufacturing specific kinds of products. Some cities even became famous because of their specialization in particular products. In general, most of the broad industrial sectors with a wide range of different product specialisations are mainly located in the East due to the fact that the West area of China consists of the agriculture sectors. Therefore, it is important to know in which region you should be for manufacturing your product at the right price & quality.

The different manufacturing regions

The best provinces for production of consumer goods are located at the East-Coast of China. Here, you can find an extensive line of many different kinds of production sectors. Provinces such as Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang offer a lot of different options regarding manufacturing.

It is also important to know that the cities in these provinces are more specialized themselves. For example, the city Zhenjiang in the province of Jiangsu is specialized in the manufacturing of eyewear, the city Guizhou in the province Guangdong is specialized in the manufacturing of shoes and the city of Wenzhou in the province of Zhejiang is specialized in lighters. Thus, the industry in the East-Coast region offers a lot of different possibilities when it comes to manufacturing consumer goods in China. Due to this, it is important to do a lot of research about different cities and different specialities for when you want to manufacture your products in China.

If the emphasis lies more in the heavy and complex manufacturing such as motorcycles, furniture or steel, the specialization shifts more to the North and West of China. Here, the cities such as Bishan and Zhengzhou are specialized in the manufacturing of motorcycles and aluminium products.

To find the right Chinees manufacturer for your company, it is important to look at what your company wants to create to know in which regions you need to be.

Manufacturing in China with JDLsourcing:

Manufacturing in China is not easy. The proces requires a lot of time, patience and money, which often comes at the expense of other important aspects of your business. Without the know-how / experience it can be pretty tricky. When you want to manufacture products in China, you might face quality issues or production delays. These unnecessary errors can be prevented with our help!

JDLsourcing is specialized in manufacturing in China. With years of experience and the right knowledge and mindset, we have successfully helped multiple companies to produce various products in China. Let us take away your purchasing worries. 

Contact us now to receive a non-binding quotation for your inquiry. Our team in China is ready to help you.

Pre-shipment quality inspections, a very important step in the quality assurance procedures when you have your products manufactured abroad. During a pre-shipment inspection (PSI), a third party quality inspector checks the quality of your goods before they are shipped out to your address. 

The pre-shipment quality inspection

You have decided to produce your products in China, but how can you assure that the products meet your requirements? Performing a PSI helps to check the quality of your goods before they are shipped to your address. This inspection is performed at the factory when at least 80% of the order is packed and ready for shipping. Random products are selected and checked for defects. This helps to prevent unpleasant surprises when the products arrive at your doorstep.

“A quality inspection in China drastically reduces the quality risks that you are dealing with when producing overseas”.

Acceptance Quality Limit

When performing our quality inspections, we refer to the Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL). The AQL indicates the maximum acceptable number of defective products during an inspection. Unfortunately, there are almost no such things as 100% error free mass-productions when you are dealing with custom-made or private label productions. Therefore, the AQL tables are used as an industry standard quality reference to perform quality inspections.

How does the AQL method work?

The most common and widely used AQL level is level II. When determining the maximum acceptable quantity of defects, we distinguish 3 different type of defects:

(1) Critical defects: We maintain an AQL 0% toleration for critical defects. These are defects that are totally unacceptable and could potentially cause harm to end users and/or do not comply with market regulations. This means that 0% defective items are allowed in your production.

(2) Major defects: We maintain an AQL 2.5% toleration for major defects. These are products that would usually not be considered acceptable by the end user. This means that there will be no more than 2.5% major defected items in your total order quantity.

(3) Minor defects: We maintain an AQL 4% toleration for small defects. These are products with small deviations from the order specifications, but most end-users would not mind. This means that there will be no more than 4% minor defected items in your total order quantity.

Table 1

If you want to determine the total amount of products to be inspected based on your order quantity, you may find it handy to look in the table above. Let’s suppose your order quantity is 2000 pieces. If you cross inspection level II with an order quantity of 2000 pcs, you will see letter K. The letter K indicates the inspection sample size to be tested and can be read in table 2.

Table 2

In the next step, you can determine the maximum allowed number of major & minor defective units. JDLsourcing has maintains an industry standard percentage of 2.5% for major defects and 4.0% for minor defects. If you cross the horizontal row of the letter K with the vertical row of 2.5, you will see that the maximum number of major defects is <7. This means that out of the 125 products that have to be inspected, a maximum of 7 major defects are allowed. The order will be rejected if the number of major defects reaches 8 pieces or more.

Pre-shipment quality inspection by JDLsourcing:

The only way to perform a professional pre-shipment quality inspection with care is by booking certified third party quality  inspectors. Our office in Zhejiang province China, is aware of our quality standards and can assist during quality inspections for a second opinion. In addition, we rely on a trusted and trained team of professional third party quality inspectors who help to inspect goods that are produced in other provinces like Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, and Fujian. This helps to ensures that your goods are properly checked before they are sent out to your doorstep. Mistakes or rejected inspections can be solved on spot by repairing or replacing the rejected products. Furthermore, JDLsourcing uses the AQL inspection of level II during quality inspections, which means that a tolerance of up to 2.5% of the products produced may have major errors. In this way we ensure that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises when your goods arrive. !

JDLsourcing is the specialist when it comes to manufacturing in China. With years of experience and the right knowledge and mindset, JDLsourcing has been able to make many customers happy. Let us take away your purchasing worries. For more information about producing in China, please visit our ‘manufacturing in China’ blog.

Contact us now in case you have any questions or in case you would like to receive a tailored quotation for your project. Our team of experts is ready to help you produce your products succesfully.

Quality issues in China; what are the causes and how can you prevent them?

Manufacturing in a country like China is cost attractive, but it comes alongside with potential quality problems. Maybe you have already experienced it, you just had a product produced in China and it turns out to be completely different or it doesn’t even function properly as it should. But what is the reason for this? What shortcomings cause the quality problems in the production? And most importantly, how can we prevent this? In this blog we will give you a top five of the most common quality problems when manufacturing in China, what you should pay attention to and what JDLsourcing has to offer when it comes to avoiding these problems!

1. Manufacturer production errors

If the production staff of the manufacturer has made production errors on a large scale, the factory will look for solutions. In most cases, the factory’s priority will always be to find the most cost-friendly solution for them.

First, the manufacturer will consider the long-term potential of the customer. Is it an important customer or is this a customer that can be replaced easily? If the customer can be replaced easily, the factory will still try to deliver the good to you. Once the goods have left the port and the balance payment has been made, it is a nearly impossible process to get your money back.

JDLsourcing can help, as your production partner, to spot these potential errors in an early phase while your products are still in the factory. You have a much stronger negotiation position if the products are still at the manufacturer and the remaining payments still need to be paid. In addition, our local team will give transparent “real-time” updates of your production. This way the manufacturer can’t just let you down.

2. A (too) low price often also means low quality

When a manufacturer offers you a very low price for manufacturing your products in China, it can be very risky. Negotiating a very low price isn’t always a good idea. The manufacturer might have to earn his profits by neglecting the end quality of your product. Therefore, it is very important that you have the experience to see when you have reached the bottom price during the negotiation process. A manufacturer in China will never reject an order, they will simply prefer to deliver lower quality with a relatively lower price. A factory in China will never admit that something is too difficult for them to deliver at your targeted price.

JDLsourcing is therefore in close contact with our local team in China, which is negotiating directly with the manufacturer. They have the required experiences to negotiate the best prices without neglecting the quality of the end product.