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JDLsourcing: Your partner in Asia

Would you like to produce a large number of custom-made products, but you don’t really know where to start? Don’t look any further! We have been an expert in custom-made products and private label products for years. We act as your purchasing partner by taking care of your entire purchasing process until your products have been delivered to your door. This is realized by our motivated local teams and network of premium suppliers in Asia and Europe with a healthy dose of creativity, persistence and accuracy. Our team in the Netherlands will assist you throughout every step of the purchasing process.

Throughout the years, we have helped companies to produce a lot of different products. Therefore, your inquiries can differ from custom-made merchandise to promotional items, from textiles to furniture and other custom-made products. Do you have an idea which you would like to discuss with us? Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly!

Merchandise & Premiums

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Our proven sourcing process.

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Brainstorm & sourcing
Discuss your project and exchange ideas.

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Targeted manufacturers are evaluated.

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Sample & production:
Pre-production sample will be delivered.

Inspection & delivery:
Your products are delivered after quality inspections.

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Our team of specialists is ready to help you. start the search for a suitable supplier based on your specifications. What will we do? Initiate negotiations, safeguard the production process, and ensure that all goods are transported and declared smoothly. Let us take away your purchasing worries!

Joep de Laat - JDLsourcing

Joep de Laat (founder & owner)
T:  +316 – 414 08 116
E:  info@jdlsourcing.nl