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Produce locally: Produce in Europe

Our European network of producers and suppliers has grown even more as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Think mainly of producers in Turkey, Poland, Portugal, and, on rare occasions, the Netherlands. Some orders were unable to be produced in China but can be produced in Europe. Although it is often more expensive than in China, the additional benefits usually make it worthwhile.

The advantage of producing locally / producing in Europe

Reduced footprint (more sustainable)

Faster delivery times (lower inventory and improved cash flows)

Lower transport costs

No price risks

Stimulate the local economy

The disadvantages of producing locally / producing in Europe

Higher purchase prices

Not suitable for all products

Dependence and transport costs

The Corona crisis has made us all aware of how reliant we are on other countries in our production chains. Consider the recent severe shortage of PPE articles (face masks, surgical gowns, and nitrile gloves). Hospitals did not have enough face masks because they could not be delivered quickly enough from China to the Netherlands. Furthermore, since the corona outbreak, there has been a massive container shortage, resulting in large increases in transportation costs. Alternative production locations become more interesting as a result of this.

Our expectations

We expect that sourcing will become increasingly focused on ‘closer to home’ in the future. There are many products that can be manufactured locally. The client / purchaser will have to be prepared to pay a premium for this, and we must play a more active role in emphasizing the advantages of producing locally whenever possible.

We are proud of the progress we have achieved in this area over the past year. We strive to encourage our customers to produce in Europe. Although this is sometimes more expensive than in Asia, the additional benefits are usually well worth it. In terms of products, you should think of:

– GOT (Organic certified) or RPET textile (clothing) + textile accessories (shopping bags etc).

– Custom made ABS/PP products.

– Furniture/interior items.

– CNC steel/stainless steel products

* Products that are not on the list can always be “sourced” without obligation.

How JDLsourcing can help you to produce in Europe

We ensure that your productions end up with the right producer. In addition, we help you to make the right material choices to keep the product as sustainable as possible. We handle the entire process from the time we receive your request/specifications through delivery at the agreed address. Click here for a more detailed explanation of our process.

JDLsourcing is specialized in custom-made production in Europe and China. With years of experience and the right knowledge, we have been able to make many customers happy. JDLsourcing takes care of everything for you.

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