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Producing Merchandise: Your merchandise production partner and merchandise supplier

Introduction: Merchandise plays a crucial role in strengthening brand identity and promoting customer loyalty. Producing high-quality merchandise has become an essential part of the marketing strategy for many businesses. As a leading merchandise partner, producer, and supplier, JDLsourcing understands the value of custom-made merchandise that meets the expectations of our clients. In this article, we […]

Manufacturing in Turkey: What are the benefits & disadvantages?

Manufacturing in Turkey: What are the benefits and drawbacks of doing business in Turkey? Turkey is a well-known trading partner of the Netherlands and the European Union. Turkey’s economy is a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern industry. Clothing and textiles are the best performing industries, followed by vegetables and fruits, and iron and steel. […]

Produce locally: Produce in Europe

Our European network of producers and suppliers has grown even more as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Think mainly of producers in Turkey, Poland, Portugal, and, on rare occasions, the Netherlands. Some orders were unable to be produced in China but can be produced in Europe. Although it is often more expensive than in […]

Chinese culture; keep these things in mind before doing business in China

Manufacturing in China, the Chinese culture; what important things do you have to keep in mind? Chinese culture, a completely different culture compared to the western world. A culture with a strong hierarchy, a lot of respect and many other customs. This is a great challenge for many Western companies, but often also a special […]

Manufacturing in China; what are the advantages and disadvantages

Manufacturing in China; what are the advantages and disadvantages of manufacturing in China? Manufacturing in China, almost anything is possible in this country! China is known for manufacturing almost any product for a competitive price. These competitive prices attract buyers from all over the world, but there are also disadvantages to manufacturing in China. In […]

CSR in China

CSR in China: Fair manufacturing in China Corporate social responsibility (CSR) awareness in China has increased over the years due to buyers demanding better CSR practises at the factories where they place their order. As your production partner in China, we are aware of our impact on CSR and ensuring fair productions. In this blog, […]

Importing from Asia – Transport methods and things you need to pay attention to!

More and more buyers are producing their products in Asia, which continuously increases the export volume from Asia. Electronics, textiles and lots of other products are imported from Asia every day. Are you planning or thinking to import products from an Asian country into Europe or USA? In that case, you might soon find out […]

Manufacturing in China

Manufacturing in China China, the country where everything is possible when it comes to manufacturing. A lot of people currently know that China is a very interesting country to outsource your production to. However, a lot of people do not know where to start when outsourcing their production to China. Where do you begin? In […]

Pre-Shipment quality inspection (PSI)

Pre-shipment quality inspections, a very important step in the quality assurance procedures when you have your products manufactured abroad. During a pre-shipment inspection (PSI), a third party quality inspector checks the quality of your goods before they are shipped out to your address.  The pre-shipment quality inspection You have decided to produce your products in […]

Quality issues in China; what are the causes and how can you prevent them?

Quality issues in China; what are the causes and how can you prevent them? Manufacturing in a country like China is cost attractive, but it comes alongside with potential quality problems. Maybe you have already experienced it, you just had a product produced in China and it turns out to be completely different or it […]

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