CSR in China

CSR in China

CSR in China: Fair manufacturing in China

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) awareness in China has increased over the years due to buyers demanding better CSR practises at the factories where they place their order. As your production partner in China, we are aware of our impact on CSR and ensuring fair productions. In this blog, we tell you more about CSR in China.

The latest CSR updates in China

CSR has become a trend. Factories who ignore CSR will not survive on the long-term. The Chinese government has recognized this by increasing their CSR related investments and factory audits. In fact, many factories who did not comply with new environment regulations set by the government, where shut down. In order to maintain a competitive position, factories are forced to improve their CSR practices.

Increased CSR awareness

Mainly European and American companies are faced with more regulations and new laws which force them to improve their CSR standards during production. In addition, customers prefer to buy from companies who offer transparency in their supply chain and who put time and effort into creating truly sustainable products. The Netherlands has the OECD guidelines for example, these guidelines make it clear what is expected of all companies that conduct international business. These guidelines provide guidelines for social issues such as corruption, child labor and the environment. Check out the OECD Guidelines here before manufacturing your products in China.

Improvement working and environmental conditions

China’s manufacturing output growth has had an serious impact on the local environment and working conditions. The environment is seriously affected. Especially the air, water and soil quality which negatively impacts the biodiversity. Fortunately, more and more manufacturers and the government are becoming aware of this. The government is continuously taking action. For example, the government is currently trying to create a balance between sustainability and economic growth. In fact, China is now one of the largest investors in green energy and really wants to make a difference for the whole world.

Progress can also be seen in the working conditions. It used to be the case that the protection of workers was accurately noted in national labor law, but that this was nowhere to be seen in practice. Nowadays, the Chinese government is trying to act more stricter in this, knowing that it is not humane, it is bad for the country and it can also have many negative consequences for factories with contracts broken abroad due to poor working conditions.

JDLsourcing and CSR; what do we pay extra attention to?

At JDLsourcing, CSR is of great importance and therefore we try to do as much as we can to optimise our CSR as much as possible. We are a Ecovadis Gold level sourcing company and we only produce in factories with high-standard CSR practices

In addition to international standards such as BSCI & SA8000, we also have our own supplier code of conduct. The Chinese manufacturers we work with are all obliged to sign this code of conduct. With the help of this code of conduct we can exclude matters such as child labor and forced labor.

In addition to our high standards of social compliance, we also have strict requirements for testing and certification before we approve a manufacturer for the manufacturing of your products in Asia. In this way we ensure that your goods comply with EU standards such as CE, RoHS, REACH and so on.

Thanks to our local presence in China, we can verify compliance with our agreements with manufacturers through factory visits and / or factory audits. We discuss these results in a transparent manner with the end customer.

As a partner of MVO Nederland(Dutch CSR organisation),we have access to a network full of CSR enthusiasts who inspire and support us to take the next step. In this way, we can continue to improve our CSR impact & results step by step.

Do you have any questions about our CSR policies? Then we would like to refer you to our contact page.