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What is private label production?

What is private label production?

The easiest definition of private label production is the production of an existing product with your own brand and packaging design. This can be as creative as you are or as creative as we are with all types of products that you can think of. In this blog we will talk about the eight production steps that JDLsourcing uses and what JDLsourcing has to offer as your production partner.

The complete private label process according to our 8 fixed steps

For years, we have been specialized in developing private label products and custom-made products. To be more specific: private label products / gadgets for marketing campaigns, loyalty campaign products, merchandise products, and giveaways. We can even help you to have your product fully custom-made!

With our local teams in Asia & Europe, we can help you out with multiple product categories. Our team can start immediately after you have provided us your specifications. Our local teams help to visit the factory, manage the production and inspect shipments before we arrange transport.

Below we give you the full eight fixed steps that we use when we have your private label produced in China or other countries in Asia.

  1. Brainstorm meeting
    Before you can private label your own product, you will need designs for your logo and packaging (if required). We can brainstorm about this together in a face-to-face meeting where we exchange our ideas and specifications.
  2. Product sourcing
    We will look for suitable suppliers based on your specifications and certifications. Our local teams and network of experienced suppliers help to find multiple options.
  3. Supplier comparison
    We don’t want to do business with the first manufacturer that pops up on our radar. We will approach multiple manufacturers and evaluate them based on your requirements. In this way we can always offer you different options and make the best decisions together.
  4. Price proposal
    We present you our best offers, conditions and lead times based on our research.
  5. Production sample
    We supply you with a pre-production sample to confirm the quality. Sometimes it can happen that a customer wants to implement a few changes in the first sample. For example: logo positioning, colour or finishing. Producing a new sample will take extra time, but it certainly contributes to achieving a perfect end result.
  6. Production
    We oversee your production process and we keep you informed through transparent updates. Our local team can visit the factory for a “during production inspection” to be extra certain that potential delays and errors are spotted and solved before it is too late.
  7. Quality control
    We provide a local carefully conducted pre-shipment quality inspection at the factory to ensure the quality of your goods before they are sent out to your doorstep.
  8. Logistics
    We arrange the entire transportation process until the goods are delivered to your doorstep. The shipping lead time depends on which shipping method you choose:
    – air freight: 5-7 days.
    – sea freight: 30-35 days.

JDLsourcing as your production partner;

We are experienced with producing private label products in Asia and Europe. By outsourcing the purchasing process, you are able to fully focus on your core business. For more information about producing in China, please visit our ‘manufacturing in China’ blog.

Contact us now in case you have any questions or in case you would like to receive a tailored quotation for your project. Our team of experts is ready to help you produce your products successfully.