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Factory visit in China

Factory visit in China; pay attention!

The search for your new supplier often starts in the far east in a country like China, where your goods can be produced more cost-effective. When you want to have your products produced in China, there are many obvious advantages. However, outsourcing your production to the far east does not only bring advantages. In this blog we are going to tell you something about what to look for when you are going to visit a factory in China and what JDLsourcing has to offer you as a production partner.

Preventing miscommunications with manufacturers

Due to the different cultures, communication can sometimes be challenging because of miscommunications caused by cultural differences. For example, manufacturers take their own ways because they don’t understand your specifications, they don’t keep their promises, or they are trading agents who pretend to be a factory. Therefore, if you want to have your products produced in China, it is very important to have someone locally present at the source so that they can help prevent possible problems. In this way, everything runs smoother and any problems that would have taken place, can be prevented or spotted on time.

Because of these possible misunderstandings, JDLsourcing has already paid a lot of attention on how to prevent these misunderstandings. Thanks to our local presence, we can directly visit the factory for “real-life” production updates and quality inspections. This helps to prevent issues or spot them in an early phase of the production process. Our local employees speak the language and are familiar with the business culture which helps to run the process smoothly.

Factory visit in China

A factory visit in China can help to decide if your targeted factory is capable and qualified to produce the product that you are looking for.

During a visit to the factory, JDLsourcing will check their company licenses, certificates, the number of employees and the available machines in order to determine whether we have found the right factory for your production. Visiting the factory helps to make a calculated decision. It helps to confirm whether you are dealing with a real factory that has the required experience to run your production. To be 100% sure of all criteria above, local presence is of crucial importance.

How does it work? After receiving your inquiry, we start the search for the right manufacturer. In consultation with our local office, factories are approached. After filtering out the first factories, an appointment is made with the remaining factories to visit their production facility for a thorough audit. After these factory visits, we select 2-3 factories who will get a sample production order. Based on these samples we decide which factory will get the mass production order. By taking these steps in advance, we prevent potential problems and ensure that your products are produced by the best available factory.

JDLsourcing as your production partner;

JDLsourcing is the expert when it comes to manufacturing in China. With years of experience and the right knowledge and mindset, JDLsourcing has been able to produce various products in China. JDLsourcing will take your worries away for the entire purchasing process. Things like looking for a supplier, having the products produced and the complete logistics with the necessary controls. For more information about producing in China, please visit our ‘manufacturing in China’ blog.

Contact us now in case you have any questions or in case you would like to receive a tailored quotation for your project. Our team of experts is ready to help you produce your products succesfully.