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Prinses Beatrix spierfonds Pippa

support prinses Beatrix spierfonds with the battle against neuromuscular diseases with our own Pippa!

We have helped the prinses Beatrix spierfonds with their national marketing campaign. This is a wooden push puppet tailored to produce.

Prinses Beatrix spierfonds created their own 3D-animation that educates people about the severity of neuro muscular diseases. Pippa is a push puppet. It’s a wooden puppet that is hold together by an elastic rope. By the tension on the elastic can the puppet move. If the rack is from the elastic, it weakens the puppet and can’t move anymore. Eventually the puppet will not be able to stand or move by itself. This is the same as neuromuscular diseases.

There is a short animation made of the special designed puppet. The animated video was broadcasted on national television in the Netherlands and shared online by various channels. We helped to bring the puppet alive. As of now, Pippa is available as a real wooden push puppet when you make a donation through.:

Do you have any questions about this project or do you want to know what JDLsourcing has to offer for your company, make sure to contact us now! As your production partner we will make sure that everything runs smoothly and that we unburden the entire manufacturing process. By unburdening the entire manufacturing process, you may think about, looking for a supplier, having the products manufactured in a country such as China or Pakistan and the logistics with the necessary controls. So, are you looking to manufacture your products in Asia? Don’t wait any longer and take your chance!


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