Chinese culture; keep these things in mind before doing business in China

Chinese culture; keep these things in mind before doing business in China

Manufacturing in China, the Chinese culture; what important things do you have to keep in mind?

Chinese culture, a completely different culture compared to the western world. A culture with a strong hierarchy, a lot of respect and many other customs. This is a great challenge for many Western companies, but often also a special experience. In this blog we are going to talk about traditions, norms and values ​​that you should not forget when you go to China for a business trip. Using the right practices can be crucial for your future and JDLsourcing will gladly help you as your manufacturing partner when you would like to have your products manufactured in China!

Traditions, norms and values ​​in China

Are you planning to have your products manufactured in China? Then you will have to take into account the traditions, norms and values ​​of Chinese culture. Below we will discuss the traditions, norms and values ​​of Chinese culture and what you can do to make your visit in China as successful as possible.

The meeting and greeting

The Greeting: According to business Chinese etiquette, it is customary to give a nod at the greeting followed by prolonged handshaking or a slight bow. When bending, wait until your business relation bows before you bow yourself. Also don’t forget that respect is very high in Chinese culture so keep the conversation businesslike and don’t joke around. Learning a few Chinese sentences can also be a much-appreciated bonus point. Learning some Chinese sentences also facilitates contact.

Gift and business card: Giving a present is usually not common at the first appointment. However, this is sometimes done and usually a typical Dutch gift is given. And now we come to the business card. The business card is seen as a crucial point and can completely wipe out the entire acquaintance and any business partnership if not done according to the usual business Chinese etiquette. The exchange of business cards has a protocol. The card is presented with both hands with the fingers along the sides of the Chinese inscription at the top. When accepting the business card, you also accept the business card with both hands. Also make sure that you do not immediately put away the business card, but that you study it thoroughly.

Use an interpreter: In case your business associate cannot speak English, you will need to hire a business interpreter. This is usually not too easy and can carry a hefty price tag. It is advisable not to choose a student as an interpreter since students often do not have the business knowledge and experience.

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Maintain your business relationship

Cozy dining: It is very common to invite your business associate or to be invited by your business associate to have a bite to eat or go to a karaoke bar in the evening. A dinner and / or karaoke bar usually goes on for a very long time. You drink a lot during this so make sure you don’t go on an empty stomach.

When dining, it is common not to talk about business topics. Avoid these topics and keep the mood cozy! Also, holding someone’s gaze or often well-meaning touches such as a pat on the back is generally not appreciated.

A business meeting

If you want to manufacture in China, there will certainly be an occasional business meeting. You will need to be very clear about what you expect from them and what they expect from you. Therefore, also study the Chinese culture and the company with which you would like to enter into a relationship.

A presentation: Before the meeting you will have to give a presentation with a detailed PowerPoint or the like. Make sure this PowerPoint is in black and white unless you are sure it is common. The fact is that in Chinese culture-determined colors can be very sensitive. For example, you never write, but NEVER write a name in red. In the past, names sentenced to death were written down with chicken blood. Nowadays this is done by means of red ink, but it is therefore strongly taken into account in your presentation.

Furthermore, it is very common for the most senior person in your group to speak. This is about hierarchy and the most respect is often given to the oldest person in the company. Also, when making a bow, make sure to bow slightly deeper to the oldest person in the company of your business relationship.

The meaning of the word “no”: Finally, we come to the most difficult and possibly the most confusing part of Chinese culture, the meaning of the word “no”. The Chinese do not like to say no. So, when a Chinese says “yes” or “I’ll think about it”, they may actually say “no”. So, pay close attention to the facial expression they give with the answer. This can be very frustrating, especially if you want to have your products manufactured in China. Of course, it should not be the case that when you have your products manufactured in China, a completely different object comes out. They may have said yes when showing your design, but it can still turn out completely different. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to have interim quality checks carried out on site regularly. Would you like to know more about interim quality controls and how this works? Read more about interim quality controls here!

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JDLsourcing as your manufacturing partner

All these traditions, norms and values ​​can be very complicated if you want to have your products manufactured in China. The many possible confusions and time-consuming activities involved can create many difficult situations. Fortunately, JDLsourcing is here to take care of all these tasks so that you don’t face difficult situations.

JDLsourcing has local presence in China to ensure that your production runs smoothly. When manufacturing in China, it is very important that your production is closely monitored to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Quality checks are carried out on a regular basis to ensure that everything is going well. This is done by certified third party inspection companies.

In addition to quality controls, it is checked whether the manufacturer has all the necessary certificates and all negotiations are discussed locally in order to draw up the most favorable agreement for you.

JDLsourcing China is producing products in China. With years of experience and the right knowledge, we have been able to produce various products in China. JDLsourcing takes away your purchasing worries. We find the best manufacturer, oversee your production and arrange all logistics, so you don’t have to. Keep your focus on your core business.

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