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MP3 bicycle bell

Production time

5-6 weeks


Seafreight & customs clearance

Quality inspections

During production & pre-shipment inspection

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World’s first MP3 Bicycle Bell

The RecognizaBell© is the world’s first fully customizable MP3 Bicycle bell. We can produce this bell in your own PMS colour, with your company logo and with your own MP3 marketing tune as the bell sound. Isn’t that just awesome?

Every bicycle bell of RecognizaBell has the opportunity to be made unique. What makes this bicycle bell unique?
– Produce with your own company tune/melody in the bicycle bell.
– PMS-colour of your own choice.
– Company logo on the bicycle bell.
– Own full colour packaging.
– 100% weather proof.

How does the RecognizaBell works?
The RecognizaBell creates exposure at public places where you could not easily create exposure before. The bicycle bell completes a persons cyclin experience by providing a creative twist. Every bell is unique and RecognizaBell. Because they are produced with your own marketing sound brand tune, company logo and MS colour! The RecognizaBell can be recharged easily through USB. Every MP3 bicycle bell is 100% rainproof and easily removable from your bicycle in order to prevent theft.

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